Southend Coastal Rowing Club


The Kursaal Flyer


Boat number 1 of the fleet! A coastal coxless double scull. Click on the pic for more photos.

Our SEAX gig, designed and built by Keith Webster of Seax Marine , financed by a Sport England grant.! This is a fabulous four oared coastal gig. Light and fast, it's great to row. This boat was rowed to an amazing 13th place (out of over 300 boats) in the 2015 Great River Race. Wow!

The Richard Twyman (RT)

The Mondego Pair

A beautiful old girl, the Richard Twyman or RT is a traditional sliding seat coastal 4. This is another boat loaned to us by the rowers of BYC.

Our second boat is a sliding seat coxed pair This boat has been kindly loaned to the club by rowers of Benfleet Yacht Club. An excellent training boat, she's faster than she looks! Click on the pic for more photos.