Southend Coastal Rowing Club


Have a go!  For Free!

We are more than happy to teach complete beginners. You don't need to be an athlete, and it really is easier than it looks to get going. Just come and have a free try! We're also more than happpy to hear from experienced rowers - you can come and teach us!

We offer 3 free rows for those who would like to have a go. Hopefully you'll love it as much as we do and join the club. The membership rates can be seen below.

Either way, if you have any questions, or just want to talk to someone about rowing, email us by clicking on the link below. We look forward to getting out on the water with you soon.


We hope that you'll come along and have a great time. We'll try and make sure that you do! Sadly all this fun has to be paid for so once you have had your 3 free rows, we hope that you'll be happy to join the club as a full member.

There are two ways to pay for membership;

Pay monthly. £10 per month by standing order. After 4 months, you will be eligble to vote in club elections.

Pay annually. Pay in one go and the fee is £100, saving you £20 over paying monthly. You will also be eligible to vote straight away.

Please note we require our members to hold at least Silver Membership of British Rowing, the UK national association for all things rowing (current cost £28.50)

In addition to the membership fee, we ask for a £2 donation to club funds each time you row. The more a boat is used, the more wear and tear it suffers. This donation means that those who row often do pay a little more, but this is only fair as they will be having the most fun!

E M A I L   U s         O R   C A L L :        0 7 8 5 4   9 5 1 8 3 0